A Location Intelligence Platform for the Sensor Age  

Designed from the ground up to ingest and visualize high-volume event data,
Tectonix empowers the user with sub-second rendering
of hundreds of millions to billions of records.  



Slice and dice billions of events interactively and in near real-time with our analytics engine.  Visualize your data with unprecedented power and flexibility.

Cloud Native

Designed to scale from a single server up to a hundred node cluster, Tectonix is built from the ground up to grow with your data.

AND Responsive

Iterate at the speed of thought.  With low-latency response times over massive data sets, data exploration becomes a visceral and intuitive experience.

Data should always look this good.


Server-Side Rendering

Interactively display hundreds of millions to billions of events.


Distributed Architecture

Scale with your data.


Analyze and Explore

Discover the questions you never thought to ask.